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I want to live in a cozy house like this with someone I love dearly. I’d wake up a little earlier every morning to make his coffee and once he wakes up we’ll share our dreams over a cigarette outside on the porch, smiling at the people who walk by. We’ll get so caught up that we realize he’ll be late for work so we’ll rush back in and I help him get ready and pack his lunch and of course, before he leaves I will give him a big kiss. The whole day I will think of him, and wonder if he’s thinking of me too. Then when we both come home we’ll have dinner and talk about all the ridiculous shit we had to go through during the day and tell each other how glad we are to have one another.

That would be the perfect ordinary day.

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I think about the way you looked at me. Then I think about you looking at another girl the same way. And I don’t like the thought of that at all.

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